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  • Enderby House, 23 Telegraph Avenue, 
  • Greenwich, 
  • London, 
  • SE10 0TH
Opening Hours:
11:00 - 23:00
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12:00 - 22:00
The Rugby Love

We are raising money for the Wooden Spoon Charity

We’re delighted to introduce a remarkable partnership that embodies the very spirit of community, camaraderie and the core values of rugby. In collaboration with Wooden Spoon, a distinguished children’s rugby charity, we’re gearing up to embark on a journey of lasting impact through transformative projects.

With the steadfast support of our cherished patrons and dedicated team, we’re uniting to achieve an ambitious goal of raising £150,000. Every contribution, regardless of its size, will be a driving force propelling Wooden Spoon’s visionary initiatives forward, enabling us to make a substantial and positive difference.

Our commitment is focused on rallying behind Wooden Spoon’s remarkable ‘Pass the Plate’ campaign. This partnership extends its reach to embrace food banks and community-driven projects, spanning across our nation. Particularly poignant amid the challenges of our current economic climate, our collective efforts are a direct lifeline for families striving to provide nourishment and sustenance for their loved ones.

By choosing Enderby House for your cherished moments of togetherness, you’re making a conscious decision to contribute to a cause that transcends our individual selves. Our establishment is more than just a place for exquisite cuisine, refreshing beverages, and heartwarming gatherings – it’s a hub for effecting meaningful change in the lives of those who are in need.

As we move forward, let’s weave threads of transformation and compassion into the very fabric of our community. This partnership with Wooden Spoon stands as a resounding testament to our shared passion for rugby, our unwavering dedication to Young’s heritage, and our steadfast commitment to driving positive change.

Join us in this endeavor, as we champion the ‘Pass the Plate’ campaign and demonstrate the power of unity, love for rugby, and the boundless potential for creating a brighter future for all.